New Yorker Juror favorisiert 
Signet Gartenwelt Manz

Logolounge Juror Alex de Jánosi (Lippincott, New York) wählt aus 2.000 internationalen Signets der aktuellen Ausgabe 5 das Signet der Gartenwelt Manz zu seinem Favoriten.

Von Alex de Jánosi, der führende internationale Firmen und Organisationen betreut, wurden mehrere Publikationen und Grafik Design Bücher verfasst.

"Ein gelungener Garten besteht aus einer reichen Vielfalt von Farben, Schatten, Mustern und Texturen. Das Signet der Gartenwelt Manz spiegelt dies in einer gut durchdachten, eleganten und einzigartigen Weise wieder."


Alex de Jánosi – Lippincott, New York

Gartenwelt Manz, by Kommunikation & Design

„This is not an easy task to review [all of the LogoLounge submissions]: After all, there are only so many Michael Schwab rip-offs one can handle! I much admire the symbol for the nursery Gartenwelt Manz. Even though we can find similar mosaics in modern art and, of course, the Altria logo is akin, this mark is quite appropriate, unique, and memorable for a garden nursery.

I like it for a number of reasons:

  • It does not rely on the overused leaf, vine, or tree symbol found in 99.9 percent of other nursery logos.
  • The color palette used in the symbol is beautiful.
  • The visual system extension or graphic language you can extract from the symbol for boxes, pots, planters, and advertisements would be wonderful.

A successful garden convey a rich variety and hierarchy of colors and shades, patterns, and textures. This logo represents just that in a thoughtful, elegant, and unique way.“

Alex de Jánosi is a design partner with more than 15 years‘ experience developing major corporate identity programs for U.S. and international organizations, from Rio to Riyadh, and places in between.

De Jánosi has been responsible for designing logos and overseeing print, Web, and environmental design development and management for a wide range of clients.

His work has been featured in leading design publications and books on corporate identity. De Jánosi holds a B.F.A. in graphic design from the Philadelphia College of Art (University of the Arts).